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      On Sundays we invite you to come pick up your order directly at the bakery.  It is a great way to not only get delicious baked goods but also get to check out behind the stand and see where the magic happens.

July comes in with a burst of fireworks just like our July menu is bursting with flavor. Colorful blueberries, vibrant courgettes, spectacular gooseberries, glimmering black raspberries, and bursting elder flowers make up the display of July's flavors. So prepare to say "ooh" to the mixed berry tarts, "aah" the palmiers, and "wow" to the artisan breads.

Please have your orders placed by each Friday night to be picked up on Sundays. Please place special orders 48 hours ahead of desired pick up, a minimum order quantity may apply. We would love to hear from you whether it be questions you have about the menu, suggestions, or your order. We are only a call, click, email, or mini vacation away!